Emergency Medical Services Token

Emergency Medical Services Token

The EMStoken Token Swap has arrived!

Simply send your old EMStoken (ID:1000945) to the wallet address below to receive the new EMStoken trc20 at a 1:1 Ratio. 

Wallet Address: TSGZNFxsZKXK1eC71pFU1F1sYuQoHWnH7U

Make sure you have TRX or energy available to swap your tokens. Confirmed Transactions will be checked every 30 seconds so you should receive your new TRC20 EMS tokens within a minute. Refresh your wallet if necessary and any issues please contact our team.

Join us in our telegram channel for updates and to chat with our team anytime at t.me/EMStokengroup.

Token supply: 10,000,000,000

ICO Start Date: 9/23/2018

ICO End Date: 9/23/2019

TRC10 Token on the TRON Blockchain

Token Type: Utility

About Us

EMS token is a multi-use case cryptocurrency token which will be implemented in several key industries as shown in the Road Map below. These are the Healthcare industry, CBD and Cannabis industry and the Electronic Gaming world. The combination of these industries will bring tremendous value and potential of growth for the EMS token.

The initial development of the EMS Token was to facilitate a unique opportunity for individuals and healthcare providers to fight costs in the current insurance industry. Utilizing smart contracts and our unique platform which we will be developing, we can disrupt the current issues facing millions of individuals today.

We also found that with the right partnership, we could bring the convenience of cryptocurrency to the CBD industry. We will look to bring unique opportunities into the CBD market to help bring awareness to a growing market and to work with the highest quality products to benefit consumers. As we develop our partnerships, we plan on utilizing the EMS Token as a discount for products and merchandise. As more states begin to legalize medical marijuana, we will also look at ways to enter this market. 

The EMS token will also be utilized in gaming as a health pack or health booster, where individuals can purchase our token and utilize it in games whom we partner with on the Tron block chain. This will help boost demand of the EMS token and bring more value. 

We currently have 6 core team members combining years of experience and abilities to further this project. There are also another 11 individuals helping EMS token grow through social media, sales, networking and marketing. We will continue to add to our team as growth ensues. When we develop our EMS platform, we will bring on developers and the necessary individuals for that portion of EMS.  You may purchase EMS Tokens on our main Telegram page utilizing TRX at t.me/EMStokengroup if you desire.

The official EMS token ID is 1000945. We will also be listed on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019.

Let's Improve Healthcare Together...

We are proud to announce that we have secured land for growing hemp and looking into securing more than 75+ acres on top of what we've already acquired, which means we'll have our own supply!! We are also in talks to add to it over time in a larger scale. 

This means that we will be able to enter several sectors in the hemp industry for instance hempcrete, paper goods, CBD oil, biodiesel fuel, clothing, etc. This is a HUGE step forward for EMStoken and it's holders. Once everything is lined up and rolling, EMStoken reward amount holders will be getting a percentage of these profits. It's a major profit sharing WIN for div holders because this is several billion dollar industries we're entering into with the dedication and drive behind it to make it successful. We are grateful to all our EMStoken supporters and holders and congratulations on holding a very profitable token on the TRON Blockchain.

Jason Morgan

CEO of EMS Token and Twizted Monkey, LLC

He is a versatile entrepreneur with strong Interest in finding out new and technological ways of making life easier for humanity. Jason has worked in Fire and Emergency services since 2010, providing assistance and helping manage fire incidences.

He was the vice president of marketing and sales In 2008 for the family clinic In Bentonville AR,

He is also a seasoned Graphic designer for Ready flow Enterprises, producing world.class designs for the enterprise since 2000.





Kevin Glor

Chief Operating Officer of EMStoken and Twizted Monkey, LLC

He is talented in Business Development and also Specializes in Networking and Marketing.

He has a degree In Exercise Physiology and has been working in the health Industry for more than 20 years. He is hands-on with clientele daily who could benefit from the use of our EMStoken. He owns a personal training company; Rochester Personal Training and Consulting.

His website is:


Emall: kevin@rochesterpersonaltraining.com

Amanda Morgan

President of EMStoken

She is a veteran in the healthcare industry, having worked in the healthcare industry since 1998. Amanda is experienced in home healthcare, medical records, medical administration, and human resources.

She has been in the Management Industry since 2000, managing high profile medical professionals. As a specialist in the healthcare sector, she had an A.A.S. Medical Administration in 2015.


Matthew Donnellan

Game Advancement Technologist

He has over 11 years of training and more than 2 decades in the IT field. He is also an expert in customer engagement with over ten plus years of experience. Matthew has a passion for training, technology, and gaming. He has created a block chain monster, with intentions of pushing awareness to the masses.

Email: ogreabroad@hotmail.com

Tahj Thomas

News and Customer Liaison officer

He Is an expert In budgeting and monthly financial recording In the field of Medication Administration.

He is good at problem-solving, behavior data Recording and Behavior Management.

Class E License Obtained In Daily Documentation and Office Work

He is the marking coordinator of Moon Marketing Firm.

MOON marketing firm offers support to Block chain gaming and real.world utility token projects coming to the TRX community. MOON Marketing operates across multiple social media platoons. Most recent work Includes Token sales for Eggies World and Chibi Fighters, which grossed 4mil TRX in 3 months.

He is an Alliance Rehab and Medical Equipment, Ozark, Mo— Wheelchair Service and Repair Technician. Having worked from October 2017. May 2018 in Wheelchair Service and Repair, Rehab medical Equipment Repair, Customer Service, Shipping and Handling, Forklift Driving and Rehab equipment and Repair service marketing.

Email: tahjthomas@yahoo.com

Achim Jakob

Chief Graphics Officer

A muIti-talented graphics designer with a wealth of experience in the field of graphics. He has been into professional designing since 2008 with vast knowledge on project and graphics design. 

Email: player3@boffix.de

Joshua Singh

Networking and Innovation Specialist

An experienced strategist working in the UK city and town regeneration sector.

He has a Master’s degree in Urban Regeneration and as part of his current role as a project manager he works on integrating future sectors into the day to day lives of the public through smart cities development and policy formation.

As a long-term investor, futurist and avid twitter user, he has built a strong network of contacts across multiple industries and strongly believes that through technology and agriculture we can create a connected, sustainable planet, with a green economy for all.

Email: EMSinnovation@outlook.com

Mikåel Ångelö

Advisor to Hemp and Cannabis Operations

He is a Plant Science Enthusiast and huge advocate for clean food focusing on Regenerative Agriculture/Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation/Ancestral Plant Medicine and is currently based in Southern California.

Holds multiple degrees in Horticulture/Permaculture design theory and has experience working in the Cannabis Cultivation Industry on a Macro-Scale level and does consultation work for services including, Integrated Pest/Disease Management, Facility Design, Breeding, tissue culture micropropagation, Beneficial Bacteria/Fungi Tea Brewer, and Data Management.

Currently is involved as the Applications Engineer for The Honey Bee Research Institute and Nature Center Inc. and is the High Commissioner of Regenerative Science for the International Council of First Nations 17th United Nations Permanent Forum of Indigenous Issues.

His long-term goal is to bring Regenerative Agriculture(permaculture) into the mainstream.

Email: Mike@brinc.org

Chance Hiram Sowers

North American Hemp & Farming Advisor

Chance was born and raised in Williamsport, Ohio. He went on to study Business and Communications at Coastal Carolina University and later graduated with a Bachelor of Specialized Studies in Business, Communications & Human Resources from Ohio University in 2011.

Chance is an experienced entrepreneur operating multiple small business in the Ohio area. Co-founder of Underdogs, LLC, which gives him food / beverage & retail experience for EMS. Producer / Legacy for his family-owned and operated Insurance agency.

His skills in insurance will help EMS cheaply evaluate their RISK when needed and give EMS hemp farmers valuable advice on risk and how to grow the new commodity. Metzger Insurance currently insures many acres of crop land and this will help EMS reach growers quickly.  

Lastly, he is part owner of Thompson Corner Farms and with this experience we found Chance to be a perfect fit for North American Farm and Hemp Advisor.  


What type of token is EMStoken?

EMStoken is a utility token created on the Tron Blockchain. It is currently TRC10 but we will look into upgrading to TRC20 down the road when the time is appropriate. This will allow us to utilize smart contracts and other options to help further our road map.

What is the total supply?

EMStoken has a 10 Billion total supply. Our white paper highlights the useage and plan for our supply as we progress.

What are the use cases of EMStoken?

EMStoken has multiple use cases.

We will create a platform in which the token will be utilized to help improve healthcare in the United States.

EMStoken will be involved in the CBD industry. With the Twizted Monkey partnership, EMS will be utilized initially as a discount on our website to purchase certain products and merchandise.

EMS will also be used in the gaming industry. It will be used during game play as a health pack or health booster.

Where can I purchase EMStoken?

Currently you may purchase EMS in a couple different places.


Or in our Telegram Room at


Will EMStoken be listed on exchanges?

Yes. We will be looking to list on reputable exchanges in 2019. We will release more details when available.

What is the relationship of EMStoken and Twizted Monkey?

Twizted Monkey is accepting EMStoken for certain products carried by Twizted Monkey. They decided to partner and merger bc this accelerates the process of accepting EMStoken into real world usage.

What are the benefits of using CBD products?

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, pain and inflammation, reducing seizures and convulsions, while improving sleep and promoting bone growth. It is a great natural alternative medicine to help heal the body.

What does CBD stand for?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring compound found in the resinous flower of cannabis, a plant with a rich history as a medicine going back thousands of years. Today the therapeutic properties of CBD are being tested and confirmed by scientists and doctors around the world. A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile.

What type of CBD does Twizted Monkey use?

Twizted Monkey utilizes a 100 Percent THC free hemp oil for our CBD products. Our CBD is pharmaceutical grade and lab tested to ensure the highest quality. We utilize hemp products grown in Colorado in the United States.

Is CBD legal where I live?

Our products are 100 percent THC free so we are able to ship to all 50 states in the United States. For those not in the United States, you will need to confirm if it is legal in your area. We WILL NOT ship to your area if it is not legalized where you reside.

How do I receive monthly Rewards?

To receive monthly Rewards, you need to hold a minimum of 1 million EMS tokens. Make sure your EMS tokens are held in a single wallet. On the 20th of each month, we take a snapshot of all Tron wallets holding 1 million or more EMS tokens. We then send you the rewards directly to that wallet holding your EMS.

What are the EMS Rewards?

EMS token Rewards are sent out the 20th of each month as follows:

  • Every million EMS tokens you hold, you will receive 100 DarkMatter tokens, 1200 EMStokens, 25 UPRISING and 125 NoleWater per month! 


Once our Hemp profits begin, Div holders will split 7% of the profits!!! 


  • You hold 1M EMStoken you get 100 DarkMatter + 1200 EMStoken + 25 UPRISING + 125 NoleWater
  • You hold 2M EMStoken you get 200 DarkMatter + 2400 EMStoken + 50 UPRISING + 250 NoleWater
  • You hold 3M EMStoken you get 300 DarkMatter + 3600 EMStoken + 75 UPRISING + 375 NoleWater
Why is there a new logo?

With the directions we're going in the CBD, wellness, sustainability, and health markets we wanted to have people understand clearly on what we are working on in future endeavors. This new logo is a precise understanding on how EMS will be helping people around the world and coming together with the hemp industry.

We look forward to the changes to be placed on our CBD products and to help tie in EMS better to Twizted Monkey. We will use the new logo also in any and all packaging for the industrial hemp side of things also to have our logo be the brand known across the globe.

What does the logo symbolize?

The leaves symbolize the branches of EMS, including our partners and industries we look to improve. Each one tying in a critical piece to overall wellness and success.

The person in the middle with the hands outreached is welcoming everyone into a healthy lifestyle and represents part of our healthy platform. The hands are open to represent co-operative working and sharing of profits.

The color green symbolizes that we are helping the planet Go Green and bringing back a missing component of natural wellness. We aim to make both individuals and the planet healthier.

Why Choose EMS for CBD?

EMS is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products at a great value. We take pride in our business and use lab tested, pharmaceutical grade products. Our CBD is THC free, so athletes or individuals who are drug tested do not have to worry.

A huge benefit of ordering with us is that you can order discretely using over 20 top cryptocurrencies, as well as credit card and PayPal.

EMS is also proud to give back, as a portion of each sale benefits the great people at sheepdogia.org.

Should I consult my physician before using CBD?

Yes. We recommend you have a discussion with your physician or health care provider. As CBD is fairly new to many, ask questions. If you are currently taking medications, the addition of CBD to your system may conflict with the metabolic pathway of medications being taken.

How often in a year can Hemp be harvested?

Hemp can grow to maturity to be harvested in 3 to 4 months. There are variables to how often Hemp can be harvested based on the climate as well as if it is outdoor vs indoor growing. As we expand, we will look at both options of growing outdoor and indoor. We will also look at acquiring more land in different areas and possibly even different countries.

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